Thrift Haul #5

this weekend I tried out a new thrift store in Columbus and hit the jackpot of home goods! my number one thrifting tip is going to the right store. you can spend hours searching but if there’s nothing there, there’s nothing there. (Another tip: I think it’s helpful always to have a mentality of abundance, meaning truly believing there IS something to find– not only in thrifting by life in general too). ANYWAYS, I found some stuff for my current and future apartment since I’ll hopefully be moving into my first Real Person Apartment in about 4 months! here are my finds and some tips for the things to look out for when you’re treasure hunting in a Goodwill.

these little expandable hat/bag/anything hangers are super trendy atm and will cost you a lot more than $1.99 at Urban Outfitters! i always love functional AND interesting pieces like this.

books, books, books. thrifted books are my favorite kind, not only for the price but you can often find underlined pieces and notes from a previous owner inside. my tips for book hunting is to have in mind books that you want to read. if you’d like some recommendations, see my blog posts here and here. that way you can dig through the piles of bad romance novels and bizarre cookbooks to find the good stuff.

pillows! throw pillows are one of my many, many weaknesses in this life and this guy was only $2. just make sure you wash them and are cognizant of scary things like bedbugs, etc. because that stuff is bad.

brass pieces like these are my favorite things to find. you can find real silver like the smaller bowl here and beautiful brass vases, plates and bowls from India for literal doll hairs (dollars). you can buy silver polishing sets for cheap online and fix these up to their former glory or keep them with a little bit of a tarnish for a vintage vibe. either way these are quality pieces that will literally never go out of style and function well as catch-alls, organization tools, or plant pots!

often i buy frames for cheap from thrift stores and then switch out my own pictures/prints for the strange family photos found inside but i actually loved these ethereal looking ballerina prints as a set + the colors in this framed September floral bouquet.

happy hunting!

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